Equity Portfolio Management System

Front Office Solutions (FOS) is an Equity Portfolio Management System designed specifically for the needs of traditional equity portfolio managers and dealers. The system allows the manager to achieve accurate desired security targets within a single portfolio or across multiple portfolios. The FOS software offers an effective means for the user to manage cash as well as rebalance both active and passive portfolios. Moreover, it provides investment professionals with an affordable, user friendly and fully-automated shared platform allowing managers/dealers real time updates, validation and control over the entire order management process.

Main Features

  • Manage your equity portfolio(s) with ease and precision
  • Automatic and timely creation and generation of orders
  • User defined options for viewing and managing your equity portfolio(s)
  • Seamless connectivity with internal dealer with continuous live updates


  • Affordability: competitively priced based on specific niche targeting
  • User-friendly system: convenient and configurable dialogs for easy navigation in managing your portfolio(s) utilizing flexible rebalancing/remodeling options
  • Efficient: one seamless system for order creation, generation, and tracking
  • System Controls: continuous system monitoring for manual errors and potential breaches
  • Convenience: software available to users in any geographic location with no additional hardware requirements

Additional Features